Building a World Class Customer Base

Get the Simple Way to Attract (and Close) Higher Value Clients… and Grow Your Profits with Almost NO Extra Work! 

Recruitment Business Owners: Ready to Make 2017 Your Year of Serious Business Growth With Our Brand New Workshop?  

When: Wednesday 31st May, 2017 

Where: South Kensington - London 

Why: Because Your Business is Probably At Risk and it’s Time You Finally Achieved the Success You Want in Your Business! 

Do you ever feel like you’re spending far too much time and putting too much effort into your recruitment business… but not seeing the kind of success you envisioned for yourself? 

If you’re like the vast majority of recruitment business owners and directors, you probably nodded your head when you read that question. You might have even shouted “YES!” at your phone or computer screen. 

You’ve probably experienced at least one of these in your business as well: 

  • You’ve been working hard to grow your business and your profits, but no matter what you do, your numbers never seem to improve at all. 
  • You know that there are plenty of clients out there who could benefit from your services, but you can’t seem to attract the right ones for your business. 
  • You spend most of your time with low-level clients that only provide you with “spot” business. 
  • You feel like your recruitment business is running your life… instead of you running the business
  • There is a severe lack of client engagement and penetration which leads to poor repeat business and satisfied customers. 
  • Your team are not producing anywhere near enough sales per head which means you are constantly struggling to get consistent performance and grow the business. 
  • You spend so much time dealing with problems and trying to “keep the ship afloat” that you don’t have the time or energy to devote to implementing strategies to improve your business. 
  • You wish you could finally find a simple, repeatable way to attract clients easily, increase your profits, and experience the success you deserve! 

If you can relate to any of those statements, you’re not alone. 

Most recruitment business owners and directors get so caught up in the everyday chaos of their businesses that they don’t have the focus and time to devote to strategic growth and improving results. That means they’re effectively wasting money on EVERY lead and placement that comes in! 

When you’re working “IN” your business instead of “ON” it… you’re missing out on £££££ that’s right in front of you! 

How do I know? 

I Used to Struggle to Get High-Quality Customers Too…

During the first four years of running my own business, it seemed like my job was “making mistakes.” If there was a way to do something incorrectly or inefficiently, I found it. Instead of waking up with a positive attitude every day, I found myself getting more and more frustrated and hopeless! 

I was bringing in clients, sure. But they weren’t the clients that were going to make my business successful. I was spending far too much time on unnecessary requests and trying to prod customers through the process, and too little time actually working to build my business! 

So the whole situation felt hopeless. I felt like I was going to spend the rest of my career just trying to “keep my head above water”… and that I’d never see the kind of income or success I’d envisioned for myself when I started my business. 

To be honest, I thought about throwing in the towel more than once. (If you’ve been running your recruitment business for a while, you can probably relate.) 

Doubled our turnover and have a thriving, growing business

18 months ago I had a 6 year old recruitment business that was profitable but not growing; I knew I was a good recruiter but I was resigned to being just that because every attempt to grow the business had failed…and every time it failed my confidence dropped further. I was on the verge of downsizing to work from home as a solo recruiter when I stumbled on one of Nicky’s free webinars. 18 short months later I have doubled my turnover and now have a thriving, growing business. I can’t stress enough what a difference these courses have made and highly recommend Nicky and her team to any Recruitment Manager or Business Owner. 

Louise Shepherd - MD, First 2 Recruit

But Then I Had an “A-Ha” Moment… and Discovered a Better Way to Run a Thriving Recruitment Business…  

Fortunately, I could never bring myself to give up. 

I started looking for ways to not just bring in clients… but to bring in the very customers who would help me reach my goals. It required a significant shift in my thinking, but the more research I did, the easier that shift became. By implementing specific strategies to attract and retain the right customers for me, I was able to develop and implement a strategic plan to turn the business around. 

As a result, we began building a customer base that truly supported my recruitment business. They brought in consistent income and referrals, and quickly became the backbone of the business. 

I was so excited by the transformation that I wanted to help other recruitment business owners too. After all, I knew that there were still thousands of people – hard-working, talented professionals just like you – who were still mired in the details of their businesses… and not seeing the success or income they deserved! 

So I documented everything I learned and organized it into a simple, immediately usable approach that can help you and your recruitment business: 

  • Increase your fees by as much as 10% without having to justify the increase to your clients and prospects, so that you can instantly enjoy an increase in your earnings without any extra work. 
  • Build a top performing team you can trust to meet your sales goals every month with little supervision… so you can work on more critical aspects of your business. 
  • Get clear on your PERFECT candidates and clients, so that you don’t spend your time working with people who don’t contribute to your success. 
  • Work proactively instead of reactively so that you can approach each day with confidence… instead of spending all of your work time in a state of panic. 
  • Increase client retention so you can spend more time servicing your ideal clients and candidates… and less time trying to attract new ones! 
  • Scale quickly and easily so you can finally have the 7- or even 8-figure business you’ve worked so hard to build! 

If you want to finally step out of the day to day operations of your business, and start handling the key tasks you need to create rapid growth, predictability, and success… then the training you’ve been looking for is right at your fingertips:

"Following on from Nicky’s course, my team increased their results by 84% – and extra £320k. One of the things Nicky suggested completely transformed my pipeline of new business. 

This year, we have increased our sales again by 38%. The main reason for this increase in billings is going on Nicky’s course. It was great to be in an environment which encouraged the sharing of best practices, taught me how to plan strategically, how to train members of my team and how (and what) to delegate."

Oliver Gilkes - Team Leader, PE Recruit

Register Today for “Building a World Class Customer Base” 

Learn How to Optimize Your Recruiting Business to Attract the Clients and Candidates You Need to Rise to the Top 

Wednesday 31st May, 2017 - London 

£497 (plus VAT) 

“Before working with Nicky, my monthly billings were averaging around £6k-£7k per month. She really drilled down into the areas that were troubling me and fixed the issues from the foundations. In the last three months I have quadrupled my average billings at £25k a month” 

Jamie Rogers – Assosicate Director– Venturi Group 

Because you’re reading this page right now, I know that you’re sincere about wanting to take the steps necessary to create better consistency and more money in your business, And I know that you’re aware that attracting the right customers is the only effective way to get you to your goals. 

When you master the strategies you’re learning about on [Date], you’ll have the power to: 

  • Substantially increase your ROI without putting in extra hours or spending more money on marketing 
  • Effectively engage and nurture candidates and clients to fill your pipeline (and keep it full) 
  • Automate processes to bring in qualified leads with no effort… and enjoy a consistent lead flow you can rely on week after week! 

When you register for “Building a World Class Customer Base,” you’re getting the exact strategies that have helped recruitment businesses like yours increase their business by as much as 10% almost immediately… without losing all of that money to marketing expenses and other costs! 

"83% Growth In Net Fee Income Within 15 Months..."

"Before I started working with Nicky I had a ‘lifestyle’ business which afforded me an enjoyable life with an ‘ok’ income. By early 2014 TDM Recruitment almost folded due to the impact of one employee, to the point where I became ill due the to the stress of the situation. Having speedily regained my health I decided to get the business back on its feet and knew from recent past experience that I couldn’t do this alone and needed help. In the late summer of 2014, I started working with Nicky Coffin. 

In 2013 the business turnover was £281k. After only 15 months of working with Nicky the business grew to £935k. 

Thе words ‘debt’ and ‘gratitude’ come to mind when I think about what Nicky has done for me and the TDM Group. She is one of the 5 most influential people in my life. Without a shadow of a doubt I would never be where we are now, I think I’d still be churning along as Tom’s merry band of men.” 

Tom Morris - MD, TDM

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn at the Workshop on 31st May

  • You’ll discover the simple way to identify your BEST customers… and to attract more of them while “weeding out” customers who will just waste your time and resources. 
  • You’ll learn how to create “sticky” branding you can use to effortlessly attract clients and candidates who are hungry to work with you. 
  • You’ll build a detailed prototype of your ideal candidate and client
  • You’ll learn exactly how to communicate your brand and key benefits to each customer. 
  • You’ll find out how to effectively understand your clients’ pain points, so that you can present them with the perfect solution at the perfect time… and close more sales than ever before. 
  • You’ll get simple but powerful techniques for developing a team that works as hard as you do… and that is committed to the success of your customers and your business. 
  • You’ll find out how to substantially increase job to fill rates, so that you can maximize profits and become a trusted partner to your customers. 
  • You’ll learn how to dramatically increase repeat business and develop unshakable customer loyalty… so that your clients would never even think of going anywhere else. 
  • You’ll discover how to create and implement a clear client sales strategy across your business, so that you can scale easily and finally achieve your growth and profit goals! 
  • You’ll see how to create a self-generating lead system, so that you can focus on serving customers instead of finding them. 
  • You’ll learn how to easily increase your fees by 10% and achieve as much as 50% growth in the next 12 months
  • And much, MUCH more! 

What Could Happen if You Don’t Attend?  

  • I’m sure you can think of things you’d rather do with your day than spend it at a business workshop. But think about this: If you decide not to take advantage of this training… what will your recruitment business look like in 5 years? 
  • You can simply hope that somehow, things will magically turn around and all the pieces will fall into place for you to enjoy better profits and greater success. 
  • But the truth is, your situation is not likely to change unless you take action. 
  • This training gives you the rare opportunity to learn how to build a solid customer base you can rely on, and maximize the value of your clients and candidates to make your business as successful as possible! 
  • To be honest, when you consider that “Building a World Class Customer Base” gives you the power to substantially increase your income with very little effort… you’d be losing money by not attending! 

“I'd say that Nicky is an amazing mentor. She's able to deep dive into your business in a very short period of time and able to pick out the key drivers for your business and the areas where you need to change. There might be small changes, there might be large changes, but those changes that she encourages you to implement will have a dramatic impact on where your business goes and what it does. ” 

Mike Jones MD - Codex

5 Reasons You Should Attend “Building a World Class Customer Base”

  • You’ll get crystal clear on your ideal customer avatar, so that you can focus on finding your perfect clients and candidates instead of being all things to all people. 
  • You’ll learn real-world strategies to capture the attention of your ideal customers… and turn them into long-term paying clients. 
  • You’ll find out how to increase retention so that your customers stay with you for years… so you can minimize marketing costs and increase your profits. 
  • You’ll see how growing a loyal, enthusiastic customer base can bring in referral business to keep your pipeline full. 
  • You’ll get to enjoy a less chaotic work environment, since you and your team will have the tools and strategies to attract high-value customers who respect your time and talents. 

Register for the ‘Build a World Class Customer Base” Workshop Now – Spots are Running Out Fast!  

 Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee Means Your Investment in this Training is Fully Protected 

Although I’m completely convinced that you’re going to be thrilled with the in-depth training and insights you get with “Building a World Class Customer Base,” I understand that you might be a bit skeptical. After all, you’ve probably invested in courses, workshops, and other trainings in the past that haven’t helped you at all. 

So let me put your mind at ease. I promise that, by the time you complete this training, you’ll be convinced that the real-world solutions and step by step implementation strategies you’ve received are worth at least double what you invested in “Building a World Class Customer Base.” If you don’t, I insist that you let me know so I can promptly refund your money. It’s that simple. 

Now that I’m taking on absolutely all the risk, there’s no reason for you not to take advantage of this insider training today. So before you do anything else, click the button above and register now.